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The WILLFUL Foundation, Inc. is committed to helping low- income families and individuals with disabilities elevate their quality of life through improving educational outcomes, exposure to broadening experiences, and exploring career opportunities.

We recognize that nonprofits in North and South Carolina face many challenges and opportunities. The WILLFUL Foundation, Inc.’s Board of Directors (BOD) developed this strategic plan with the understanding that nonprofits play a central role to helping local communities move into this new operating environment. While several elements of this strategic plan address immediate economic conditions, the overall plan is designed to ensure that communities are well-prepared for the future. Our intent is HELP, not ENABLE! When people/organizations enable, they prevent others from experiencing the consequences of their own actions. Enabling not only prevents others from realizing there may be a problem, but it also deprives them of fully reaching their own potential. To ensure compliance with the high standards of The WILLFUL Foundation, taking the initiative to seek our services will be one of the selection criteria used to select the families and individuals that will participate in our program. We uses a two-generation approach which provides the information, resources, and support that community members need to HELP individuals break the cycle of poverty.

On Sunday, March 22, 2015, our Dad, Mr. William Arthur Fuller peacefully passed away after a triumphant battle against cancer. On that day, the world lost a great man, a courageous human being, and an incredible inspiration. By the force of his amazing personality, his incredible achievements, his sweeping vision, his enormous generosity and his admirable values, Dad's presence served -- and will continue to serve -- as a beacon for all those who believed in the power of hard work and serving those in need. Commitment and humility drove him, inner strength and values sustained him, and the Lord kept him during his battle with cancer.

Stewart Scott, an inspiration to my dad and others who battled cancer, expressed during his ESPY acceptance speech that that when you die from cancer “it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, while you live, and in the manner in which you live….so live…fight…and when you get too tired to fight lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you…” and that it what we all did for dad through our calls, visits, prayers, encouragement, meals, positive thoughts and donations to Relay for Life on his behalf. Although dad is no longer here with us, we still must continue to fight, not only cancer, but fight for the future of low income family, individuals with disabilities, and others that need an additional voice. Thank you very much Dad - for all the good that you delivered to so many, and for all those that you helped. Your impact is incalculable and your influence will continue to inspire generations to come. We are deeply indebted to you and miss you enormously. We will never forget you.

We will collectively celebrate not just what he achieved, but also how and why he achieved it.

You can help us continue to honor his memory by making a donation to The WILLFUL Foundation to help raise monies to equip the special needs community and low income families with the strategies, tools, and resources needed to become our future leaders.

Together, we WILL finish the fight!

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